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Whether you are a company in Ireland, US or any other part of the world, it is likely that you have been hearing a lot about stagnant and even struggling economies. This has made it very difficult to recruit as top performers are looking the best pay and the ideal job for their goals. If you are in charge of recruiting or hiring, you already know that it can be difficult to attract and retain top talent. Here, we are going to look at some of the best tips used by top firms to draw in the most talented workers, and keep them.

  • Offer a Road Map Towards Growth – In all parts of the world, most firms are finding that lifetime employment is not something that many workers seek. The challenge today is to present your teams with a road map of exciting new things to take on and directions to explore, which can foster a longer-term outlook. For example, some of the best in their fields are ready to take a lower salary if it means flexibility, autonomy, or more training and expanded responsibility.
  • Candidates do their Research online – Today’s recruits are keyed into the competitiveness of their various industries. They do a lot of research into your firm and the jobs available. This is not limited to ten minutes on Google. They will research company mission, leadership, projects and culture. They will use social media and news resources to find out what they can.
  • Demand Innovation – Modern workers, especially top talent, are unlikely to be satisfied with a good job. Demonstrating that your teams are tasked with everything from problem solving to innovating in their field is a sure fire approach to catching the eye of one of the best.

It is important to see yourself as seeking solutions to your needs rather than “offering” employment. It is only through respecting the talents of the top talent that you can extend to them the work they desire and will fight to get and keep.

Barry Prost is a Managing Partner with Yala – enabling great companies build great teams.

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