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How Will Brexit Effect Ireland?

Which Sectors Are Most Effected And Concerned About Brexit?

There is a continuous level of uncertainty with how the Brexit talks will pan out.
Will there be “hard-border”, if and how these tariffs will be implemented and how these will effect trade.

The “Chemical/Pharmaceuticals sector was one which saw large concerns about the restrictions one the potential talent being shrunk as well as providing goods and services into the UK.
There were a number of areas which saw cause for concern:

• Imposition of Trade tariffs

• Lack of Agreed technical specification

• Change of living, social, and tax arrangement between Ireland and the UK

Along with this there were various other factors which were considered a cause of concern for the sector.
Ireland being the 7th largest exporter of pharmaceuticals and represent at market worth €33.3 billion, it is a sector which has seen continued growth but there remains a level of uncertainty as talks continue to unfold and will determine how many sectors are affected.