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Yala | working as a team throughout a pandemic and beyond

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Throughout Covid-19 the team at Yala has prioritized a lot of different things to ensure our business runs smoothly and effectively. But one of our most important priorities was teamwork.

First, it started with the whole team accepting that we may not return to the office for some time and that we will have to work remotely. This was successful due to the coordination of management when it came to zoom meetings, team updates, training and company news. The combination of technology and emphasis on communication allowed us to run smoothly as a company.

But on a human level, working as a team also meant talking with each other and making sure we were all staying safe, enquiring about mental health and doing fun things like quizzes and challenges on Fridays or even just a catch up on everyone’s week allowed for us to maintain morale and a sense of comradery among the team.

We hope to find more ways as a team to improve our teamwork every week as the year goes by and also enhance the work culture that we have established at Yala.