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Deeper look into video interview technology part 2-Yala

Video interview set up

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We will be continuing from last weeks blog and talking about video interview technology and its best practices. Lat week we spoke more about the technological side of the topic but this we will be talking more about the human side of video interview.

  • Dress code

When it comes to what should be worn during a video interview please stick to what is traditional in terms of men. Wear formal clothing such as a tie and shirt and etc. The key point to take away from this is not to under dress just because it is over video call it could leave a bad taste in the client’s perspective if you are under dressed.

  • Surroundings

You want to have a  background that is not cluttered or filled with pictures, this is to make sure that the interviewer can clearly focus on you and what you’re saying and also so their will be no distractions.

  • Impressions

During the call it is best practice to interact and gesture with the interviewee as it will show you are interested in the position but not to also overdo it as that could be considered rude as well. A healthy balance of impressions during a video interview call could make all the difference

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