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Engineering and Facilities Management Salary Survey 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many companies worldwide in the facility-management services market to halt their business operations to comply with new government regulations to contain the spread of the virus. In 2020 a lot of employees were laid off or had to work from home, FM teams may have been cut back to skeleton crew on some sites. Commercial building where the worst affected, along with office buildings, schools, retail complex’s and hotels.

With strict restrictions in place, the pandemic has seen the rise of automation in facility management processes such as move-ins, energy management, service requests, and workspace customisation. Technological advancements and investments in the infrastructure create new opportunities in the coming years.

User experience will be key in the workplace on the return to the workplace. As we come in 2021 there will be a push for office and workplaces to be made socially distanced. This will be a new chapter in the workplace environment. The management of the facilities will be critical to provide a socially distanced and safe environment for workers to return to work. They will be creating workplaces for the future. There will be a need for more awareness of space, cleanliness, temperature and humidity in a room to keep the chances of spreading the virus to a minimum. There will be a need again for Facilities Teams on site as the lockdown restriction are lifted. As we move forward Teams will need to identify how to re shape the organisation to fit this new world.

Yala’s 2021 Engineering and Facilities Management Salary Guide provides insight into salaries for candidates looking for a new position or companies looking for new talent. Here you will find reliable salary figures for Dublin and other regions based on the knowledge and information gathered by our team of experts in the field. We decided to keep it short and sweet, so you don’t waste your time going through some unnecessary information. If you wish a more in-depth and detailed advice, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation!

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