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What is Recruitment Process Assistance (RPA)?

Over the last 5 years Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) has been a growing industry. More and more companies are looking to outsourcing part or all of their recruitment practice, with a view to reducing costs and increasing efficiency. This normally involves the recruitment part being taken off site and handled in the agency offices.

We found that companies who might require help with their recruitment function were also reluctant to “hand over” the entire function, as it’s a huge upheaval to how they currently operate.

What Yala provide is Recruitment Process Assistance (RPA). With our RPA offering, we embed someone onsite for as long as they are required and with their experience in recruitment and with the backing of the Yala team, they can add significant value, without there being a need for too much change to the companies current structure.

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The Benefits Of RPA

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Reduce Costs

Yala can reduce recruiting costs by streamlining your recruiting process and showing you how to find good candidates while spending less time and money.

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Yala works closely with hiring managers to understand specific job requirements, while also implementing service level agreements (SLAs) requiring requisitions be processed within tight time frames.


Yala provides scalability to manage the inevitable peaks and troughs in recruitment activity. It give you access to the right talent precisely when you need it. This scalability also allows businesses to convert the fixed cost of in-house recruiting a to a variable cost that adjusts as needed.

Download our informational brochure here: Yala Tender

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