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Yala | Neueda to recruit up to 230 people in Belfast

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The company is currently searching for people to fill the positions of software engineers, salespersons and cloud solutions, experts.

The company itself has been able to announce this significant news due to receiving a 20 million investment on august the 20th. The company has been able to grow significantly and this has allowed them to expand to new premises located in  Lanyon Towers. Although due to the result of coronavirus epidemic employees are working from home.

The new development is being praised by many in the NI economy as it will attract talent from all over the globe and stands to put Belfast as a major competitor in the technological sector in Ireland.

The company’s COO Paddy O’Hagan stated that “Our vision is to significantly grow our customer base outside Northern Ireland and this investment will give us the resources we need to achieve this ambitious growth strategy,”. “We hope to drive sales in the US, [UK], mainland Europe and eventually into Asian markets where we see an abundance of opportunities for our services.”

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