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What To Remember When Writing A CV

When Writing A CV

Writing a CV can be difficult, what’s important to remember is to put in the most important details relevant for the position you are looking for. You CV should tailor and be suited to the positions which you are applying for. You will need to make sure that it is clear and concise and the all the most relevant information is bulleted and easy to find.


What skills are needed for this role?

Ensure that the most relevant for EVERY role are put and emphasised correctly. What is most important is that relevant skills for the position are put on display.


Depending on the experience required for the role this may differ however, it is always important that it possible to see what experience you have, it will be need to be relevant to what you’re applying for.

Job Titles

Job titles are important if even just so at a quick glance what you’ve done previously is relevant and transferable to a similar role to what you have done previously.


Make sure that references are relevant and can be very effective to help further your impression if used effectively.

Things To Remember

Ensuring that what is on your CV is relevant and that whomever in the hiring process is looking  at your experiences is able to effectively and quickly relate to these and know that your are suitable for the role.


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