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Why do I get approached for roles I’m not suitable for?

Have you ever been approached by a recruiter for a role that you thought was completely unsuitable for what you would like to do career-wise and wondered why it keeps happening or what you need to do for it too stop happening? Well in this video operations director Mark Loughnane breaks it down for you and discusses it.

1) Different recruiters different methods

The first point stems from the fact different recruiters have different methods for how they source candidates for roles. Some will reach out to many people in hopes of finding the person who will then go to the interview stage and then offer stage.

2) Many do not tailor make there messages when reaching out

There is a debate on whether recruiters should tailor make their messages when reaching out to potential candidates. This is the process of making a the message more personal and relatable to the the candidates in hope of a better result.

3) Fill out your LinkedIn profile!

This is key as many recruiters use LinkedIn to source their candidates and with the use of Boolean search, they rely on candidates filling out their profiles to the fullest extent with all the information regarding what their career outlook is and what and whether they are open to new opportunities. In the video, you can see how this is done and how it can be of benefit to you the client or the recruiter.

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