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Work From Anywhere” a new concept

Today we will offer you some insight into the benefits of new “Work From Anywhere” concept that is gaining traction in the pandemic / post pandemic world.


Post Covid – most companies will implement a hybrid system, with workers working from home for some of the week and in the office for the rest of the week. This might not be the best solution for your company because of delays between teams, perceived less growth opportunity for team members working from home, simple communication issues and the cost of retaining a physical office space.


A solution to that would be to fully implement your business remotely. We set out some of the ‘Pros’ for this below:


-Access To Great Talent Across The World

-Enormous Savings

-Reduction In Office Politics

-No Limitations To Scalability Of The Organization

-Flexibility Of Work Timings


Naturally, some concerns are being raised by the notion of going full remote; Recruit CRM highlighted the main ones as well as provided elements of answers:


How Do I Monitor What My Employees Are Doing?


Technology has made everything possible nowadays. There are tech tools available online which have been specifically created to monitor remote working. Some of these are Hubstaff, Time doctor & Workpuls. These cost as little as €5-7 per employee per month. All employees need to download this tool on their PC/laptop. The tool tracks the total time every day that the employee has been working. Employers can lay down policies regarding the number of hours to be clocked per day or per week, start and end time etc.


What About Team Bonding?

To build a long-lasting company culture, team bonding is crucial and no one can deny that. Apart from encouraging icebreaker conversations, to have your remote employees get to know each other better, below are some team building activities that can be implemented:

-Storytelling Prompts

-Set up coffee breaks

-Digital breakfast club

-Online team building activities


Will The Employees Have A Feeling Of Belongingness?

The employees will always have a sense of belongingness if they are motivated and engaged enough. The same technology that makes remote work possible will also help in facilitating this.

How Do I Hire & Train New Recruiters For My Company?

The hiring of employees for the agency now becomes easier as there is no location constraint. The hiring of part-timers or interns also becomes a good option (now that there is no cost of real estate & infrastructure). The hiring process can be pretty much the same as if you were in a physical office. The only difference would be that now the process would be online probably over a video call.


Source: Recruit CRM

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