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Yala | Agony Mark episode 3 Is now the right time to be looking for roles?

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In last weeks episode operations director Mark Loughlane wanted to speak to everyone about whether now is the time to be searching for new opportunities and roles during the current climate of COVID-19.

One of the problems that Mark addressed is that there is a lot of uncertainty about the current market right now and how different businesses are responding to the COVID-19 situation concerning recruitment.

Mark suggested that the first thing to do if this is something concerning you is to research how the industry you’re trying to enter is currently doing right now. Many industries are doing well while some have been taking quite a hit for example as of 2020 the pharmaceutical industry is one of the few industries to be affected while the hospitality sector has taken quite a hit.

He also said that even if it means taking a chance and ending up in a probationary period you should still be searching for opportunity and new roles.

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