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In conversation with Yala’s Managing Partner Jamie Groom, we spoke to him and asked for advice on motivating teams virtually. Here is what he had to say:

  1. Stay in touch

His first piece of advice to leaders is to stay in touch with teams virtually through any form of technology. He says this as leaders and managers can not always be in the office with their staff so therefore they need to see you in some shape and form for motivation.

2. It can be challenging

Jamie mentioned that it was not all easy going and that motivating yourself and a team can be quite difficult especially when it has to be done over a laptop. His solution to this was to pay special attention to different peoples needs and cater to them so that motivation can be done in an effective way.

3. Keep busy

Simple but effective, Jamie says that staying busy is key to keeping the motivation going and that it is also time to use all the free and extra time you have now to cooperate with staff more and also to takes that you may have left undone and have been procrastinating.

For more information watch the video

Yala | Motivating teams virtually

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